Sacred Creative Artist™


Educational Presentation

Gwo Mòn

A presentation journey through decolonization of my Vodou (Spirits)

Performance Dance and Chant

Leve Maché, Leve Dansé

Chanting, dancing interactive performance.

Mix and Match


Vilokan is a tapas of  song, dance, educational storytelling. 

October 6-7, 2017

Haitian-American Folkways Traditions Artist and Sacred Creative Artist™

Irmina Ulysse was born into a family which managed to keep a Sevite spiritual house (Hounfo) during the onslaught of religious persecution from the West. While religious harassment and oppression continues today, she is one of many who have found a way to resolve inner and outer conflict by embracing parts of herself and heritage she was taught to hate. 

 Through her work, Irmina offers a peak into the effects of migration, racism, and cultural bedevilment has on Haitian living in the diaspora.  She shares some of the dances and musical traditions of the Vodou of her lineage. She prefers to view her role as a preservatist and steward not as a static one but as an ever-evolving life-giving process. She uses her cultural heritage to self identify, to project and propel her diaspora expression forward. 

Although she remains rooted in the cultural treasures of her birthplace, she experiments with all kinds of styles making sure to not follow any known styles too closely.  She expresses her deep love and respect for her Haitian spiritual and folk roots, African spiritual heritage, and contemporary healing traditions by syncreticism them into her work.  Influenced by legacies of slavery, colonialism, dictatorship in Haiti, psychic waves of postcolonialism, and divergent family structures, her work is mystical, harmonious and deeply personal. One cannot help but be moved by the many spirits she integrates.

Her trademark style is a combination of storytelling, natural voice chanting, Kreyol dance rhythm of Rada,  Kongo, and Petro, and sacred and metaphysical poetry and explanations. She douse her presentations with her knowledge of biology, modern science, Western metaphysics, and Eastern spiritual influences. 

Irmina deliberately chooses to stay away from conventional or "purist" Haitian or American styles, making sure not to copy. She loves to share on the therapeutic power of vibration from song and drum of traditional instruments like the Axatse (Gourd shaker). She encourages all to learn and use Haitian chants regardless of cultural or religious background. 

"Other Haitian artist can and do tradition much better than me. I have my own style which comes from the depths of the seas of my own Souls and my own experiences," she explains.  

She inspires to make an original contribution to the world by igniting sparks of joy, depths of sorrows, and inspiring life-giving creativity.

Fall in love with life again, and again... and again!

Irmina is pleased to share in this way at intimate venues promoting traditional healing, traditional cultures, and sacred art. Those organizing concerts, workshops of Caribbean, Haitian, or other cultural workshops and healing traditions for well being, you are welcome to contact us below.  

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October 6-7, 2017

Choose from these presentations:  Gwo Mòn, Leve Maché, Leve Dansé, or Vilokan


"Irmina is an original transdisciplinary artist, wisdom keeper, and syncretic healer expanding the boundaries of her inherited traditions. As a mystic who dances, chants, and shares poetry and visual arts, she seeks to blur the lines between sacred embodiment and daily life as she articulates the full spectrum of gifts embedded in her DNA. Her work is interactive, transformative, and lively. She invites audiences to explore and embrace their uniqueness through engaging dialogue, sounds of  grief, and joys of play."